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Best in Class Systems

supply-chain-controlWare-Pak is committed to finding innovative ways of improving our technology to aid in increased production, cost control and customer support. We are always trying to implement “best in class” software to integrate within our Virtual Warehouse and other integrated systems.

Controlling the Supply Chain

Ware-Pak's IRMS Warehouse Management™ system controls the supply chain from procurement through shipping, regardless of inventory type or distribution model.

IRMS Warehouse Management™ delivers a comprehensive supply chain solution, balancing workflow, increasing order throughput and optimizing inventory levels.

Ware-Pak is able to offer clients the following capabilities and features:

  • Inbound processing with continuous inventory visibility, immediate data validation and verification
  • Inventory Management with virtually 100% inventory accuracy, faster, more streamlined warehouse operations
  • Order Management with uninterrupted visibility of inventory, orders and associates in the warehouse
  • Outbound processing that enables warehouse managers to better manage outbound traffic
  • Inventory Control providing nearly 100% inventory accuracy in the warehouse
  • Labor Management with a means to measure and manage work and resources
  • Reporting & Analytics enabling managers to wield power over information from the top-down

A Fully Integrated Business Management System

For Call Center clients, Ware-Pak uses Acumen Software – designed specifically to help publishers grow. Acumen is a feature-rich solution with robust capabilities that provides a great value to publishers. It enables us to track sales, invoices, generate credit memos, manage backorders, control accounts receivable and track commissions and royalties.

Using Acumen allows Ware-Pak to provide clients with:

  • Unparalleled sales, marketing & communication features
  • Seamless integration of functions that simplify workflow
  • An easy-to-use graphical interface that improves productivity
  • Built-in reporting tools that support the insights necessary to enhance decision making in today's environment

Multi-Carrier Automation is Fast, Efficient & Cost-Effective

Ware-Pak uses Clippership®, the most recognized and widely deployed multi-carrier shipping solution among shipping and logistics professionals today. All carrier rates (UPS, FedEx, Airborne, USPS and LTL carriers) are input into our system. Shipping rates are calculated based on the weight of the carton. Shipping charges, order number, carton weights and addresses are sent back to our warehouse management system.

Using Clippership allows Ware-Pak to:

  • Enforce and leverage shipping strategies for increased profitability
  • Ship packages faster through complete automation
  • Cut shipping costs with automatic rate-shop comparison
  • Improve accuracy by reducing manual data entry
  • Maintain carrier compliance
  • Reduce accessorial charges and vendor-backs