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Interactive Technology

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Ware-Pak helps you gain the highest levels of control over your product inventory, sales and order fulfillment.


Virtual Warehouse Management

Interactive warehouse management tools allow Ware-Pak to provide overwhelmingly accurate warehouse and fulfillment results. In turn, Ware-Pak clients gain new levels of control in their product distribution and order fulfillment processes. We are continually developing and adding new features to our Virtual Warehouse, giving Ware-Pak customers the information they need to better manage their business. Customers have the ability to view monthly and annual units sold and compare them with past sales records. A new report also shows fast movers and slow movers, allowing for increased literature fulfillment and the ability to free up capital dollars by reducing slow moving items.

dashboardOther recently added features are the ability to customize email confirmations with marketing messages in both the header and footer areas. “Top Ten” titles, customers and items shipped by category can be viewed from the virtual warehouse as well.

Ware-Pak's Standard Virtual Warehouse Features Include:

  • View Your Inventory
  • Search Your Orders
  • Run Receiving Reports
  • View Outstanding Orders
  • Search Your Returns

With the virtual warehouse, clients have the flexibility to view their orders not only by date, but by customer name, customer purchase order number, or by track ID. Order status reports show publishers and associations important performance data, as well as any outstanding orders, open backorders, backordered items, as well as a daily order summary. The Freight Analysis feature gives the ability to know exactly how much shipping is really costing you, by carrier and by service.

Ware-Pak's virtual warehouse dashboard allows you to truly view the state of your business from one easy to read screen.