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Returns Processing

returns-processing-fulfillmentOur returns processing services include accurate return, restock maintenance, repackaging and redistribution. Barcode and scanning technology is implemented throughout this process and inspectors grade returned merchandise according to a 10-level scale so that each client knows the condition and potential for resale of all returned products.

Returns can be received against a RA number or as a non-scheduled receipt. The content of each carton is scanned, each book is inspected and rated according to its condition (Good, Damaged or Not Our Product). Any book that can be reconditioned is taken care of by our warehouse staff. For example, removing stickers, replacement of the dust jacket, etc.

With 90% of all returns processed the same day they are received, publishers can focus more of their time on their business.

The following information is captured for each title or item returned:

  • Return Order Number
  • Customer Name
  • Customer Address
  • City, State, Zip
  • Return Authroization (if applicable)
  • Return Carrier/Service Used
  • Return Date
  • Tracking Number
  • Return Reason (if known)
  • Product Number/ISBN Number
  • Status (Good/Damaged/Not Our Product)
  • Title Description
  • Quantity Returned
  • Damaged Code (what was damaged on the item)
  • How many dust jackets were replaced?
  • How many stickers were removed?

Books that are in good condition are put back in stock immediately. Damaged books are electronically manifested and accumulated for future sale or disposal. Ware-Pak can obtain Certificates of Destruction for the disposal of damaged or obsolete product.

Returns are normally processed the same day. At Ware-Pak, we have a proven track record of 90% of all returns being processed and re-stocked the same day they are received.