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Educational Publishers

Third Party Fulfillment Services for Educational Publishers

educational-publisher-fulfillmentWare-Pak supports educational publishers in a competitive environment by providing a full range of third party fulfillment services. Because of our accuracy and dedication to our customers, educational publishers have depended on Ware-Pak for nearly 50 years for textbook warehousing, adoption kit assembly, and distribution services. Our state-of-the-art virtual warehousing technology, proven customer service and outsourced solutions are tailored to meet your needs and those of your customers.

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Education Adoption Kit Assembly

When it comes to assembling adoption kits to be sent to teachers and schools nationwide, we understand how important perfection is. Ware-Pak has been successfully growing publishers' businesses in the educational market for 50 years, distributing 300,000 to 400,000 adoption kits every year.

educational-adoption-kitAt Ware-Pak we know that the requirements for adoption kits vary by state, and we have the experience to ensure that exact specifications are met. Our warehouse technology allows Ware-Pak to assemble adoption kits reliably and accurately. By giving the kit and each item in the kit a SKU or ISBN number, Ware-Pak is able to meet the needs of publishers who send adoption kits, even when they contain several inventory items.

Efficient Book Distribution & Order Fulfillment

Your success as a publisher depends on your ability to control your inventory, streamline your book storage, assembly and distribution, and process returns efficiently. This is particularly important in the educational publishing world, and at Ware-Pak, we understand that.

We provide everything from internet order and mail order book fulfillment, to online inventory monitoring and all the distribution services in between.

Location Matters

Located in suburban Chicago, Ware-Pak can reach 58% of the U.S. population within 2 days. And with a 170,000 square foot educational book distribution facility, more than 13,000 pallet locations and 18,000 SKUs managed daily, Ware-Pak has the warehousing capacity leading educational publishers demand.