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Book Warehouse Management

If You Can't Measure, You Can't Manage

Every pallet that comes through Ware-Pak’s doors is assigned one pallet ID for as long as it is in our book warehouse. All movement of product is done efficiently, in real-time, through our radio frequency (RF) system. Access to information as orders are accepted, picked, packed and shipped is available 24/7 through our Virtual Warehouse technology.

IRMS Warehouse Management™ technology controls the supply chain from procurement through shipping, providing...

Inventory Management

warehouse-managementWith Ware-Pak, publishers benefit from 100% inventory accuracy, faster and more streamlined warehouse operations, optimal space utilization, greater employee productivity and reduced costs.

Order Management

IRMS Order Management technology provides uninterrupted visibility of inventory and orders. The system delivers maximum flexibility, enabling us to support on-demand and scheduled order release as well as pre-release review. Analyzing order fill and kit building rates helps us monitor and improve our performance on a consistent basis.

Inventory Control

When combined with RF/RFID point-of-data capture validation and non-stop process verification, Ware-Pak ensures nearly 100% inventory accuracy in its warehouse and the integrity of data from the receiving dock to the shipping dock. IRMS supports both triggered and on-demand replenishment, segregates inventory according to ABC analysis or user-definable rules, assigns cylce counts and manages all physical inventory processes.

Reporting & Analytics

With real-time dashboard metrics, flexible data exporting and formatting, built-in and ad-hoc reporting and labeling and robust integration capabilities, Ware-Pak uses its IRMS technology to facilitate decision making, increase performance based processing and achieve greater efficiencies at every level of its operation.

Ware-Pak Warehouse Management Provides:

  • Real-time dashboard metrics
  • Direct table data extract
  • Data export to any number of formats such as XML
  • Built-in and ad-hoc reporting and labeling
  • Robust integration capabilities, including compliance with unique requirements for data security and sharing