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Twitter Hashtags for Publishers

Twitter has become an important tool for publishers, used not only to develop an audience and foster relationships, but also for content promotion. Twitter can be a great way to foster two-way communication, participate in the conversation, as well as share information from other sources in an effort to curate and not just self-promote.

twitter-publisher-hashtagsOne way to optimize your Tweets is to use Twitter Hashtags that are relevant in not only the publishing industry, but for writers and authors as well. For those of you who don’t know what Twitter Hashtags are or how to use them, here is some help.

What is a Twitter Hashtag?

Hashtags are words or phrases that are used in tweets and contain the “#” symbol in front of them. Hashtags do not contain spaces or punctuation and are used like category links in Twitter. When searched or clicked, they reveal a stream of tweets that contain the hashtag from everyone on Twitter.

How do you use a Hashtag?

Hashtags are included in tweets that are relevant to a specific topic. You can assign a hashtag – such as #followfriday or #marketing – in your tweet and those who are interested in that topic can track and follow the conversation for that hashtag.

It’s a great way to gain exposure and build relationships with those who are interested in a particular topic, or who are looking for help with a certain subject. Below is a list of hashtags for publishers, as well as a few for authors and writers. 

Hashtags for Publishers

#Publishing and #Publisher – All things publishing, including tips, titles, etc.

#SelfPublishing and #SelfPub – All things related to self-publishing.

#EBooks – Anything and everything you want to know about ebooks.

#EPub – Insights into e-publishing, including digital publications.

#Books – A recommended book or list of books.

#PubTip – Publishing tips.

#BookMarketing – All about book marketing and promotions.

#IndiePub – All things related to independent publishing.

#IndieAuthors – For all self publishing and indie authors to connect and share.

Hashtags for Authors and Writers

Below are some of the top hashtags for authors and writers – including a few for people who love to read.

#MustRead – A way to let others know about a top book that you just finished.

#FridayReads – Tell others about an exciting book you are reading, or to promote your books with fans and followers.

#MemoirChat – Share things on your mind, or a life story.

#BookGiveaway – If you have a book giveaway going on, use this hashtag to tell the Twittersphere.

#AmWriting – A way to share your writing experiences.

#WritingTip or #WriteTip – If you have any tips you’d like to share, this is a good hashtag to use.

#AskEditor or #AmEditing – Seek advice or ask the editor. Also used to share personal experience.

The list could go on and on! If you have a hashtag that you’d like to add to the list – leave a comment below and we’ll be glad to add it.


Posted On
Jul 11, 2012
Posted By
Ken E Baker

Aw, thank’s for taking the time to put these together. Much appreciated!

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