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Web Store Management Trifecta: A Secure, Fully Functional & Cost Effective Solution

Below you will find a guest post from Juli Barcelona, Digital Strategist at Barcelona Creative Group, regarding the recent development of a web store solution for a publisher client of ours. – Keith Shay

There are many elements that need to come together successfully when developing a fully integrated, managed content e-commerce site for a publisher. Recently, Ware-Pak helped a new publisher move inventory into their book fulfillment warehouse. As Ware-Pak’s trusted website development agency, we were happy to work with Liberty Fund to develop a new e-commerce site so their transition would be turnkey and as hassle-free as possible.

We worked with the publisher to establish their objectives for the design and functionality of the e-commerce site, and identify the additional features they needed to accommodate their customers. A few of these included the ability to create ‘kits’ (book sets), training their marketing personnel to use the shopping cart going forward and developing a custom and secure payment module.

Developing an effective web store solution is about more than great design. It needs to be seamlessly integrated with a publisher’s existing website; customers need to know they’re making secure transactions; and the order information needs to be transferred to the fulfillment partner in a timely manner for fast and accurate order processing.

Beyond the technical and functional goals of the site, we needed to develop an e-commerce solution that was cost effective and launch it on time so the publisher could test the site and experience a smooth transition into Ware-Pak’s warehouse.

Seamless Integration

At Barcelona Creative Group, understanding our client’s marketing objectives and helping them achieve brand consistency are responsibilities we take very seriously. Since Ware-Pak’s new client already had a website, we strived to integrate the e-commerce site with their existing site. The result is a web store that has a look and feel consistent with their existing website, but with streamlined functionality.

User-Friendly and Secure Shopping

When accepting orders online, publishers want to ensure their customers are safe on the site and that they have a positive user experience. Developing a user-friendly site that allows the shopper to find the book or product they need, go through a simple, secure purchasing process and receive their order in a very timely manner is crucial. Making complete and organized product information easily accessible is really critical to the success of any publisher’s e-commerce site.

“When you are a publisher who has hundreds of items or more, knowing your data requirements for orders and getting the product information into that format makes importing the items into the e-commerce cart happen much more smoothly. Liberty Fund was able to provide us with all of their product details in a format that helped the project stay on track, on time and cost effective. Communicating with each other to build an e-commerce site that fit the needs of Ware-Pak and their client resulted in a winning solution for everyone. ” Juli Barcelona, Digital Strategist, Barcelona Creative Group

Cost Effective and On Time Delivery

When Ware-Pak informed us of the publisher’s move-in date to the warehouse, we knew we needed to work smart in order to launch a fully integrated e-commerce solution on time. To keep the development running smoothly from start to finish, our team needed to be detail oriented and cover all of our bases. Developing a timeline and a list of items to be addressed at every stage was key.

In the end, we were able to deliver a cost-efficient, fully functional and integrated e-commerce solution on time. The publisher’s customers are secure when they purchase and Ware-Pak receives order information quickly so they can tackle the order fulfillment with great speed and accuracy. The site’s content management features allow the publisher to add new products and promotions at any time.

If you are a publisher looking for a secure, fully functional and integrated e-commerce solution, Barcelona Creative Group can help. Our relationship with Ware-Pak provides us with great insight into the publishing industry. We understand what’s really important – from brand identity, to website development, e-commerce and order fulfillment services. We offer smart strategies and integrated marketing solutions.

For more information about Barcelona Creative Group, visit us online at barcelonacreative.com or contact Juli Barcelona, President and Digital Strategist by email at juli@barcelonacreative.com or by phone at (708) 448-8077.

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