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Amazon and the Publishing IndustryAmazon has and continues to invest millions on systems, readers, selling books at the cheapest price, and the biggest selection. Every day, it seems like there is another article talking about how Amazon is dominating the publishing industry and their goal to put publishers out of business. Amazon has decimated retail book stores, established a clear dominance in the e-book market (and growing stronger), has become a publisher and now they have set their sites on destroying local retail with same day delivery.

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BookMobile has custom fit an Automatic Replenishment Program (ARP) for Ware-Pak’s client publishers. At Ware-Pak, we offer total supply chain control to leading publishers, trade, and professional organizations. With our strong focus on providing excellent customer service and custom solutions to clients, BookMobile is a natural partner.

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Twitter has become an important tool for publishers, used not only to develop an audience and foster relationships, but also for content promotion. Twitter can be a great way to foster two-way communication, participate in the conversation, as well as share information from other sources in an effort to curate and not just self-promote.

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Remainders in the publishing industry are generally known as any book that is sold at a deep discount to the end customer. (The wholesale price from the publisher to the trade is equally discounted.)

True remainders are only those books that have been taken out of circulation because sales have fallen off and the publisher can no longer justify the carrying costs associated with the book. Remainders may vary from an initial printing that did not sell to the last couple hundred books of a best selling novel that has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. When a publisher has a backlog of a new title to introduce, they may need to cut their losses on slow moving titles by remaindering the balance of stock to free up cash and make room in their warehouse for new items. The publisher will sell the entire remaining (hence the word) inventory to the highest bidder. Once remaindered, the book no longer generates royalties for the author, it cannot be returned to the publisher for credit and it is considered out of print. Years ago, remainders were marked by stripping the spine of the book with green paint. Today, that is often not the case and sometimes they are even in mint condition when they are remaindered.

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In the process of books getting to the marketplace, there are three ways that books are distributed – wholesalers, book distributors and fulfillment centers.

There are some very significant differences between these service providers. It is much easier to understand someone’s motivation when you understand where and how each of these providers generate income. So, let’s follow the money trail and see where it leads.

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