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I am always being asked by authors how they can promote their books online. The following list of websites is a good start in finding the right place(s) to market your book online. Please add any websites you feel will be helpful in the comments section of this post.

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With more bookselling moving online as brick and mortar bookstores disappear, selling directly to the consumer presents a tremendous opportunity for publishers. Advantages include: (1) Retaining more control over the publishing process by getting your book discovered. (2) The pricing strategy will now be yours – you will set the selling price and decide when […]

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On September 18th, 2012, FedEx Express announced that they will increase prices for U.S. services by a net average of 3.9%. The full average rate increase will be 5.9%, but this will be partially reduced by a change to the company’s fuel surcharges. Specifically, the threshold at which fuel surcharges begin will be increased, effectively […]

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Amazon has and continues to invest millions on systems, readers, selling books at the cheapest price, and the biggest selection. Every day, it seems like there is another article talking about how Amazon is dominating the publishing industry and their goal to put publishers out of business. Amazon has decimated retail book stores, established a […]

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BookMobile has custom fit an Automatic Replenishment Program (ARP) for Ware-Pak’s client publishers. At Ware-Pak, we offer total supply chain control to leading publishers, trade, and professional organizations. With our strong focus on providing excellent customer service and custom solutions to clients, BookMobile is a natural partner.

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Twitter has become an important tool for publishers, used not only to develop an audience and foster relationships, but also for content promotion. Twitter can be a great way to foster two-way communication, participate in the conversation, as well as share information from other sources in an effort to curate and not just self-promote.

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Due to the nature of the publishing industry, publishers have multiple layers of costs associated with fulfillment (the process of picking, packing and shipping books). In its simplest form, fulfillment is the act of getting books out the warehouse door and delivered to customers in a fast, efficient and economical manner. Any additional costs incurred […]

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Effective January 2, 2012, the published rates for UPS services will be increasing. However, according to UPS, this increase enables them to continually expand and improve their portfolio of solutions, helping serve you and making the services you offer your own customers even better.

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E-commerce is hot and it’s only going to get hotter. In the last two years, during one of the country’s worst recessions, e-commerce sales have sky rocketed. 2010 saw a bump with an increase of 14.8% over 2009 – bringing total sales to $165.4 billion. Sales for 2011 are already up a staggering 15.2%. Everyone […]

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USPS has announced that they will be taking the maximum increase allowed under current law, which is 2.1%.  The actual percentage price increase for specific products will vary, however, the overall average price increase for all mailing services is capped at the rate of inflation as measured by the Consumer Price Index (which is 2.1%).  […]

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