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Total Supply Chain Control

Helping publishers outsource with confidence

Excellence in storage, order fulfillment and returns processing helps your organization focus on core services and expand your offerings.


Serving Publishers & Associations Since 1963

Delivering Speed, Accuracy and Accessibility

fulfillment-warepak-aboutBased in University Park, Illinois, Ware-Pak provides all third party fulfillment related services needed to support publishers in an increasingly competitive environment. By combining literature warehousing, customized packaging, mail order and e-commerce order fulfillment and book distribution services, as well as assembly and returns processing, Ware-Pak currently helps leading publishers, trade and professional associations achieve on-time fulfillment and unparalleled accuracy.

Linking the Supply Chain

Using IRMS technology to provide publishing clients with a virtual view into the warehouse, saving an extraordinary amount of time compared to yesterday's paper driven inventory management systems. While the technology provides different benefits to different types of users, the key is that the system allows us to assign a SKU or ISBN number to each piece of inventory. This facilitates real-time visibility, enabling a publisher to obtain accurate data on orders, inventory and restocked returns within seconds.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction

Based in Chicago's south suburbs, Ware-Pak is strategically located to provide efficient service to customers shipping items anywhere throughout the United States. Their Midwest location not only increases customer satisfaction by reducing the time required for delivery but can also dramatically lower transportation costs for publishers that sell nationally.

With over 50 years of experience in third party fulfillment, publishers depend on Ware-Pak for state-of-the-art virtual warehousing technology, proven customer service and outsourced solutions that are custom tailored to meet your needs and those of your customers.