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Keith Shay - President and CEO

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keith-shay-ware-pakAfter serving as President of Ware-Pak since 1997, Keith Shay has assumed an ownership position and become Chief Executive Officer. Prior to joining Ware-Pak, Keith served in senior executive positions with both Fortune 500 and entrepreneurial companies. As a principal and CEO, he is dedicated to maintaining the Ware-Pak culture he has developed over the last 12 years, and fostering an environment that is committed to meeting ever-changing client needs.

Keith arrived at Ware-Pak with impressive business acumen, developing a sense of direction for the company, and executing very well in providing services to clients. Keith acts decisively in critical areas, such as information technology, providing solutions for an ever-increasing demand for speed, accuracy and transparency - the ability to view inventory and order information real time. During his tenure as President, Keith has transformed Ware-Pak into a company known for performance and providing the highest level of quality customer service.

In his personal time, Keith is a wine collector and a foodie "wanna-be" - an amateur chef in training. While Keith also loves to travel, he enjoys being at home with his wife, Kathy, and taking walks with his Old English Sheepdog Gus.