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Tips for Publishers to Increase Sales to the Library Market

As publishers look for ways to increase sales, many are turning to a market that is often overlooked – the library market. For the average publisher, the library market represents about 5% to 10% of their total sales. However, publishers who are not currently selling in this space struggle with how to really penetrate the library market.

LibraryWare-Pak has been providing warehousing and fulfillment services to publishers for nearly 50 years. In that time, we’ve seen many clients sell to the library market successfully. Publishers who have done well selling to this market typically have 5 common tactics in their approach.

The publishers who are most successful in the library market…

  1. Submit their books to the top 5 or more library wholesalers and/or distributors for promotion to the library market.
  2. Locate and submit their books to mail order catalogs that are sent to the public librarians.
  3. Place ads within the publications that are most commonly read by librarians.
  4. Work closely with a co-op book exhibitor to have their product displayed at the major public library shows throughout the country.
  5. Contact and follow up with the top 50 public libraries in the country with information and a sample product.

At Ware-Pak, we believe that in order to be a successful order fulfillment center, it is our responsibility to help our clients continue to sell more books. If you are a publisher in need of additional help breaking into the library market, contact Ware-Pak. We are always happy to help.

Contact Keith Shay, CEO, at 708-534-2600 or by email at kshay@ware-pak.com. Feel free to visit our White Paper Library for additional helpful resources.

Additional factors to consider when choosing an order fulfillment service…

In today’s entry I’m going to discuss two additional factors that I believe should be considered when a publisher, large or small, is choosing an order fulfillment service. These factors are “Turn Around Time” and “Technology”.

Turn Around Time

Every warehouse has its own procedures for handling order processing and the amount of time that is acceptable. You need to be aware of what time files are accepted and when you can expect orders to be shipped. You have to take these deadline times into account and see if they fit your client’s needs in terms of shipping times.

A standard in the industry is 3 business days for shipping. You need to determine if this is a timeframe that your client can live with. There are fulfillment warehouses that ship within 2 business days and some are offering same day shipping. You must choose which level of service will help you grow your business.


When it comes to the various types of technology within an order fulfillment facility, you must explore your needs. In any fulfillment warehouse, technology takes on many forms. These may include:

  • Integrated business management systems for publishers
  • Warehouse management systems
  • RF technology
  • Automated picking systems
  • Mailing systems
  • Secured method for transferring data files
  • Customizable order interface
  • Push technology for business alerts
  • Customizable email alerts
  • Reports and Web based data reporting

There are still more important considerations when choosing an order fulfillment service that will be covered here. However, if you can’t wait to read them here, they are now available in a Whitepaper on our website. If you have additional questions, or are interested in receiving this white paper by email, please feel free to contact me directly. I can be reached at (708) 587-4116 or kshay@ware-pak.com

Choosing an Order Fulfillment Service

As you investigate the process of outsourcing to an order fulfillment service, you should begin by thinking about what you really need and want in a business partner to help grow your business. After all, the main goal is to increase sales and grow the organization both organically and externally.

On the surface, all order fulfillment services may look alike and offer similar services. However, when you take a closer look at their individual methods of delivering those services, you will find large differences. Remember that not all warehouses are created equal and the goal is to choose one that is appropriate for you and your business.

It is essential to develop a list of criteria that will enhance your companies operation. The ultimate question is what is important to your clients. Over the next few weeks, I will be discussing these important items – beginning with location.

Remember – these are only suggestions and it is crucial that you spend time developing a list of your specific needs.

1. Location

Location is one of the single most important factors to consider. While order fulfillment warehouses can be found in every state, it is essential to select a fulfillment warehouse that is close to your clients, rather than your place of business. By doing this, you will accomplish three critical actions:

  • Shipping costs will be lower
  • Transit time will be reduced
  • You will operate in a more eco-friendly manner

Did you know that shipping costs are almost equal to the fulfillment warehouse fees? If you are strictly a West coast publisher, then your warehouse needs to be located on the West coast. If your scope is national, then a Midwest location makes the most sense. With a Midwest location the savings are substantial. For example, when shipping nationally from the Midwest, you can save as much as 7% over an East coast or West coast operation.

In today’s world, when you’re competing with companies such as Amazon, clients expect quick delivery of their orders (especially internet orders). Your fulfillment center should be located in an area that can provide 1 to 3 business day transit times to the majority of your recipients.

When your warehouse operation is located centrally to your clients, you can operate in a more environmental friendly manner. Not only will you be saving money, you will also be reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses required to deliver your product to the customer.

Over the next few weeks I will be discussing other important items to consider when choosing an order fulfillment service, such as size and volume, percentage of error, technology and more. These will also be available in a Whitepaper on our website later this week. If you have additional questions, or are interested in receiving this white paper by email, please feel free to contact me directly. I can be reached at (708) 587-4116 or kshay@ware-pak.com

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