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BookMobile has custom fit an Automatic Replenishment Program (ARP) for Ware-Pak’s client publishers. At Ware-Pak, we offer total supply chain control to leading publishers, trade, and professional organizations. With our strong focus on providing excellent customer service and custom solutions to clients, BookMobile is a natural partner.

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At Ware-Pak, we work hard each day, paying special attention to detail so that we can continue to provide the speed, accuracy and accessibility that our publishers need.

So when it comes to celebrating holidays, why wouldn’t be abide by that same code? Halloween was chock full of costumes and candy. Our staff got creative with their looks, donning everything from an ornate Papal costume to a good old-fashioned pumpkin and a bumblebee. Though the workday went on business as usual, there were a few extra laughs heard (as you can assume by the pictures) and plenty of tricks and treats enjoyed.

Below are a few images of the day’s festivities. We hope you enjoy!

The Chicago Publishers Gallery & Café, established and run by the City of Chicago’s Publishing Industry Programs, is a permanent collection of over 2,300 books and periodicals from Chicag0-based publishers and authors. From best-selling novels to underground comic books; classical masterpieces to children’s verse; daily newspapers to full-set encyclopedias, the Gallery showcases every type of publication imaginable.

Located on the first floor of the Chicago Cultural Center, the Gallery is a beautiful, quiet setting that is perfect for reading books or just relaxing on your lunch break, and includes a café serving fresh food at reasonable prices.

Due to overwhelming popularity with visitors and Chicago’s publishing community, the Gallery was expanded in October 2009, adding six additional reading areas to the main room of the Randolph Café. Complementing the two original nooks on either side of the grand staircase, a children’s corner, a writers’ corner, a news corner, a local interest corner, a reference book area, and several display cases for books of art and photography are open to the public. The café decor has also been revamped, with new tables, seating, displays of letterpress art, banners featuring popular book photography by Laurie Rubin, and additional prints from Audrey Niffenegger’s The Night Bookmobile.

The Gallery is a wonderful opportunity for publishers to publicize their books and share their work, both with colleagues and with the public. Due to its location the Gallery receives a great deal of traffic that garners a high level of visibility for the books on display.

Don’t miss out of a great way to feature your work. If you are a Chicago publisher who is not currently on display, the Chicago Publishers Gallery would love to add you. We encourage you to write to Danielle Chapman, Director of Publishing Industry Programs, at danielle.chapman@cityofchicago.org for submission instructions, and let her know that you learned about the Gallery from Ware-Pak.

Publishing Industry Programs also sponsors many public and private events for members of the industry including panel discussion, meet and greets, and readings. Danielle can also let you know how to become part of this lively literary community.

The number of units shipped for the month of November was very strong, when compared to the previous year. We believe the main reason for the increase is due to a timing issue with Christmas orders for the smaller publisher. In October, Ware-Pak experienced a shortfall due to Christmas orders being pushed into November by the smaller retailers. When we analyze the October shortfall and the November increase, they average out to a normal season.

One interesting thing we did notice during the month of November was that even with return orders increasing, the number of books returned was down by almost 36%. My impression of this is that our clients have done a much better job of managing inventories in the retail market.

Below are Ware-Pak’s November Outsourcing Performance Numbers:

Orders: Units:
Outbound 17,568 Outbound 702,467
Inbound 2,479 Inbound 568,664
Returns 2,359 Returns 60,165
Total 22,406 Total 1,331,296

Speed and Accuracy Statistics:
Accuracy = 99.97%
Same Day Shipping = 92.1%
Shipped within 24 hours = 98.6%
Returns Processed Same Day = 87.7%

Activity during the month of October felt lighter than normal Ware-Pak. However, now that the month is complete, we actually saw an increase in outbound volume of 14% over the prior year. The majority of Christmas orders that were fulfilled were for the large box chains, such as Levy and Anderson News. We still have not seen the Christmas orders for the smaller retailers, and hope to see those in the first part of November. The net effect of these delayed orders is an 18% reduction in orders while the number of units per order substantially increased. We expect overall performance to be equal to or slightly better than the prior year.

Below are Ware-Pak’s October Outsourcing Performance Numbers:

Orders: Units:
Outbound 20,146 Outbound 900,658
Inbound 1,699 Inbound 1,181,734
Returns 2,205 Returns 51,156
Total 24,482 Total 2,133,548

Speed and Accuracy Statistics:
Accuracy = 99.96%
Same Day Shipping = 91.9%
Shipped within 24 hours = 98.7%
Returns Processed Same Day = 88%

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