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Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA) Features Article by Ware-Pak

by Keith Shay - July, 2010

If you’re interested in outsourcing order fulfillment, begin by thinking about whether each company you’re considering would help you increase sales and grow your organization.

On the surface, all order fulfillment services may look similar. But when you take a closer look at methods of delivering services, you will find large differences. Remember that not all warehouses are created equal, and the goal is to choose one that is appropriate for you and your business.

This means developing a list of criteria and focusing on what is important to your customers. The suggestions that follow will help you get started, but it is crucial for you to spend time creating your own list.

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Ware-Pak Names Keith Shay Principal and Chief Executive Officer

University Park, IL, August, 2009 - Keith Shay, President of Ware-Pak, Inc. since 1997, has become President and Chief Executive Officer of Ware-Pak, LLC, a new Ware-Pak operating company. In addition to his responsibilities as CEO, Keith Shay has assumed an ownership position in the new operating company. Mark Plechaty, former CEO of Ware-Pak, will remain President of the WP Holding Company.

"We want to emphasize that with our client service teams, virtual warehouse technology and facilities remaining intact, our publishing clients will experience no interruption in service," said Keith Shay. "These changes will enable Mark Plechaty to pursue other interests, which he has wanted to do for quite some time,"he added.

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Ware-Pak Achieves Record Accuracy for 8th Year, Handling Over 25 Million Items with 99.8% Accuracy

University Park, IL, January, 2009 - 102,000. That is the number of items handled daily at the Ware-Pak warehouse. In a typical day, warehouse staff will manage over 13,000 pallet locations and 18,000 SKUs. Items are constantly on the move. It would be impossible to maintain accurate order processing in that environment, right? Not if you are Ware-Pak. The fulfillment company is proudly celebrating their milestone 8th year of 99.98 percent accuracy in order fulfillment for the publishing industry.

"Ware-Pak is dedicated to ensuring that the fulfillment process runs smoothly. We can handle every step, from warehousing and fulfillment to reverse logistics, taking these extra responsibilities out of the customer's hands. We provide our clients with service they can count on – speed, accuracy and accessibility throughout fulfillment," said Keith Shay, Ware-Pak President.

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Ware-Pak Exhibits at the 2007 Book Business Conference

Ware-Pak hits 99.9% accuracy and 98% of all orders shipped within 24 hours for third straight year. Ware-Pak handles more than 19 million books, 2.5 million returns, and fulfilled more than $200 million is sales for leading publishers and their retail customers maintaining our accuracy and shipping percentages for three consecutive years.

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Necessity: the Mother of Investment

by Editorial Staff | Supply & Demand Chain Executive

supply_80Publishing may be as old as Gutenberg, but industry players today are finding that they must be prepared to invest in modern management systems to compete effectively. In the case of Ware-Pak, a Chicago-based third-party fulfillment company for the publishing industry, investing in a new warehouse management system (WMS) has allowed the 43-year-old business to move from surviving to thriving in this complex, fast-moving market.

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